Hi! My name is Graham!
I am a trans masc artist from the midwest! I am a lover of critters and sweet things! I aim to create lots of work that elicits joy!
General contact email: [email protected]
Shop/Order questions: [email protected]

Mini Shop FAQ

mini FAQ if my shop is closed:
-I only ship to USA/Canada from my main shop currently. I have an etsy of the same name with select items on it but its also closed more often than my main shop. Your way around this is to ask a friend from the USA to buy something for you. Sorry about the trouble there's been a lot of wacky new laws relating to mail these days.
-I try to ship quickly anticipate a possible 1-2 week wait time for shipping notifications. Why the long wait? I could have many orders when I first open my shop on top of personal physical limitations.-preorder items usually ship much later than when purchased and sometimes are delayed longer than estimated shipping times. I usually try to post about delays. If your parent bought something for you make sure you let them know about the delays!-Related to above: if you ordered a preorder plushie please follow or bookmark @plushieupdates on twitter for news on your plush.